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Table 6 Split ratios of 2-oxoglutarate

From: A metabolite-centric view on flux distributions in genome-scale metabolic models

Producing fluxes
Reaction/Enzyme Pathway/Product Ratio
aspartate transaminase Asp 29.99%
isocitrate dehydrogenase TCA cycle 22.96%
phosphoserine transaminase Ser 17.85%
L-alanine transaminase Ala 5.78%
leucine transaminase Leu 4.61%
valine transaminase Val 4.33%
succinyldiaminopimelate transaminase Lys, peptidoglycans 3.80%
acetylornithine transaminase Arg, polyamines 3.45%
isoleucine transaminase Ile 2.97%
phenylalanine transaminase Phe 1.89%
tyrosine transaminase Tyr 1.41%
histidinol-phosphate transaminase His 0.97%
Consuming fluxes
Reaction/Enzyme Pathway/Product Ratio
glutamate dehydrogenase Glu 88.48%
2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase TCA cycle 11.51%
  1. Total flux: 8.12 mmol gDW−1 h−1. Ratios below 0.05% not shown.
  2. Abbreviations: Ala, Arg, … – biosynthesis of L-amino acids.