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Figure 1

From: Consensus and conflict cards for metabolic pathway databases

Figure 1

Examples of two C 2 Cards. C2Card centered at the CTPS gene (top) and the C2Card retrieved by clicking on the reaction of Reactome in the C2Card centered at the CTPS gene (bottom). Each C2Card consists of a table in which each row contains the following basic elements: a reaction and the EC number(s), gene(s) and pathway linked to it in one of the pathway databases. One can switch perspective by clicking on any of the elements in the table. For additional information provided by the pathway databases, e.g., pathway visualizations and literature references, a direct link is provided to the original entry of the reaction in the pathway database. The second core ingredient of a C2Card is that each card explicitly shows the similarity of the reactions displayed on it. The percentage of overlap between reactions is indicated and relevant cells are colored according to the degree of overlap. Information on the IDs assigned to the metabolites and genes by a pathway database is shown by clicking on the i icon. For EC numbers the reaction and name linked to it by NC-IUBMB are shown.

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