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Table 2 Excerpt of the C 2 Card centered at the reaction ‘l-arginine + H 2 O → ornithine + urea’

From: Consensus and conflict cards for metabolic pathway databases

Database Reaction Overlap (%) EC number Gene Pathway
H. sapiens Recon 1 l-arginine[c] + H2O[c]
100 ARG1 Urea cycle / amino group metabolism
  ornithine[c] + urea[c]     
  l-arginine[m] + H2O[m]
100 ARG2 Urea cycle / amino group metabolism
  ornithine[m] + urea[m]     
Reactome l-arginine[c] + H2O[c]
66 ARG1 Urea Cycle
  l-ornithine[c] + urea[c]     
  l-arginine[m] + H2O[m]
66 ARG2 Urea Cycle
  l-ornithine[m] + urea[m]     
  1. One metabolite was allowed not to match in this reaction search. The only difference between the reactions is the use of ornithine versus l-ornithine (both in bold). Note that H2O is not taken into account for computing the percentage of overlap. ‘[c]’ stands for cytosol and ‘[m]’ for mitochondrion.