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Table 5 Pathway database content statistics

From: Consensus and conflict cards for metabolic pathway databases

Database Number of
Genes EC numbers Reactions Pathways
EHMN 2517 981 3893 69
H. sapiens Recon 1 1496 647 2617 96
HumanCyc 3586 1249 1785 257
KEGG 1535 760 1635 84
Reactome 1159 375 1175 171
  1. Genes: counts are based on the internal database identifiers and include genes encoding for a component of a protein complex as separate entities. EC numbers: including incomplete EC numbers. Reactions: if reactions only differ in direction and/or compartments they are counted as one. Pathways: counts for HumanCyc and Reactome are based on the lowest level of their pathway hierarchy.