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Table 3 Biologic functional analysis of highly central genes

From: Transcriptome meta-analysis reveals a central role for sex steroids in the degeneration of hippocampal neurons in Alzheimer’s disease

Bioinformatics Platform Disease p-value
IPA Alzheimer's Disease 4.40E-08
Parkinson's Disease 2.88E-04
Huntington's Disease 1.28E-03
MetaCore Neurodegenerative Diseases 4.20E-25
Dementia 5.98E-24
Alzheimer's Disease 3.30E-23
Parkinson's Disease 2.15E-13
DAVID Alzheimer's Disease 1.40E-03
  Parkinson's Disease 1.10E-02
  1. IPA, MetaCore, and DAVID analysis of neurological disease enrichment. The diseases identified were based on the 73 genes that are highly central in the PPI network.