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Table 1 Distribution of F. graminearum genes homologous to the TAP reference set and matching DNA-binding domain HMMs

From: Genomic clustering and co-regulation of transcriptional networks in the pathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum

TAP class Description Count     Taxonomic distribution
    Fgr Pez. Fungi Euk
B Basal transcription factors and co-factors 63 4 10 15 34
C Chromatin remodelling and histone modification 63 8 14 19 22
D DNA-binding proteins 546 179 258 89 20
P RNA polymerase subunits 27 4 4 4 15
O Unclassified (CCR-NOT subunits, non-DNA-binding factors) 24 6 8 3 7
Total   723     
  1. The TAP classes (B, C, D, P, O) were split into four taxonomic groups according to whether homologous genes were found only in F. graminearum (Fgr), only in Pezizomycotina (Pez) genomes, only in fungal genomes (Fungi), or widely detected within the eukaryotic genomes (Euk).