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Table 3 F. graminearum global regulators determined by homology to S. cerevisiae DNA-binding motifs

From: Genomic clustering and co-regulation of transcriptional networks in the pathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum

F. gr. gene ID DBD # Enriched co-expression groups Enriched co-expression groups
FGSG_04220 APSES 1 FG2.11
FGSG_10384 APSES 1 FG2.11
FGSG_08634 GATA 1 FG2.01
FGSG_00750 HLH 2 FG1↑, FG2.11
FGSG_01307 HLH 2 FG1↑, FG6↓↑
FGSG_02814 HLH 4 FG1↑, FG2.11, FG6↓, FG6↓↑
FGSG_05567 HLH 4 FG1↑, FG2.11, FG6↓, FG6↓↑
FGSG_09043 Homeobox/zf-C2H2 1 FG2.11
FGSG_06359 HSF_DNA-bind 1 FG6↓
FGSG_13911 Myb_DNA-binding 1 FG2.01
FGSG_01298 zf-C2H2 1 FG6↓
FGSG_01341 zf-C2H2 2 FG1↑, FG2.10
FGSG_01350 zf-C2H2 2 FG1↑, FG2.10
FGSG_02743 zf-C2H2 2 FG1↑, FG2.10
FGSG_06311 zf-C2H2 1 FG6↓
FGSG_06871 zf-C2H2 4 FG1↑, FG2.-10, FG2.-11, FG6↓
FGSG_12970 zf-C2H2 1 FG6↓
FGSG_08010 Zn_clus 2 FG1↑, FG2.10
  1. The gene identifier of the putative regulator (‘F. gr. gene ID’) along with its DBD-composition (‘DBD’), and the number and details of co-expression groups enriched for an associated DNA-motif are shown.