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Table 4 The 10 most robust viable phenotypes

From: Optimization and model reduction in the high dimensional parameter space of a budding yeast cell cycle model

Rank Strain name Phenotype Percent of total losses
34 TAB6-1 CLB1 clb2 Δ Viable 0.51
36 GAL-SIC1 Viable 0.53
37 GAL-NET1 GAL-CDC14 Viable 0.53
39 Multicopy CDC15 Viable 0.57
40 GAL-TEM1 Viable 0.60
41 WT in glucose Viable 0.61
42 WT in galactose Viable 0.62
43 ppx Δ Viable 0.62
44 TAB6-1 Viable 0.62
45 tem1-ts multicopy CDC15 Viable 0.62
  1. These are the viable phenotypes that are least often lost (i.e., incorrectly simulated) when perturbations are applied to individual model parameters. Robustness decreases from top to bottom. TAB6-1 has lowered efficiency of Cdc14-Net1 complex (RENT) formation compared to WT efficiency.