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Table 7 Strongly connected phenotype-model parameter pairs

From: Optimization and model reduction in the high dimensional parameter space of a budding yeast cell cycle model

Phenotype Perturbed model parameter Probability of phenotype loss
cdc15 Δ net1-ts cdh1 Δ Total amount of Cdc14 1.00
cdc15 Δ net1-ts cdh1 Δ Total amount of Net1 0.99
CLB2-db Δ multicopy SIC1 Basal SBF dephosphorylation 0.93
CLB2-db Δ multicopy SIC1 SBF-dependent Cln2 synthesis 0.90
cln1,2 Δ cdh1 Δ GAL-CLN2 Total amount of Esp1 0.89
CLB2-db Δ multicopy SIC1 CKI phosphorylation rate 0.88
cdc15 Δ net1-ts cdh1 Δ Efficiency of Cdc14-Net1 complex (RENT) formation 0.88
cln1,2 Δ cdh1 Δ GAL-CLN2 PPX inactivation by Esp1 0.87
GALL-CDC20 sic1 Δ cdh1 Δ Degradation rate of Cdc20 0.87
cdc15-ts multicopy CDC14 Total amount of Net1 0.87
  1. Upon a perturbation, with at least 0.87 probability, these parameters caused the loss of the corresponding phenotype (all phenotypes are experimentally viable).