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Table 8 Synthetic lethality induced by elimination of phosphorylation/dephosphorylation reactions

From: Optimization and model reduction in the high dimensional parameter space of a budding yeast cell cycle model

Eliminated reaction Impacted single mutation strains that are
  viable (inviable) before (after) perturbation
Whi5 phosphorylationby Bck2 cln3 Δ, Multicopy BCK2, cdh1 Δ, sic1 Δ, swi5 Δ,
  CLB5-db Δ, net1-ts, GAL-CLB2, APC-A
CKI phosphorylation by Cln2 bck2 Δ, GAL-SIC1, net1-ts, APC-A
CKI phosphorylation by Clb2 GAL-CLN3, cdh1 Δ, GAL-CLB5, CLB1 clb2 Δ
CKI dephosphorylation by Cdc14 bck2 Δ, cdh1 Δ, GAL-CLB2, APC-A
Whi5 phosphorylation by Cln3 bck2 Δ, cdh1 Δ, APC-A
SBF phosphorylation by Clb2 cdh1 Δ, CLB5-db Δ, APC-A
Whi5 phosphorylation by Cln2 bck2 Δ,APC-A
Whi5 dephosphorylation by Cdc14 APC-A
Net1 dephosphorylation by PPX Multicopy CDC15
  1. Upon setting phosphorylation/dephosphorylation rate constants to zero (left column), viability is lost in several single mutation strains (right column).