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Table 2 Types of analyses available in 3Omics

From: 3Omics: a web-based systems biology tool for analysis, integration and visualization of human transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic data

Type of analysis Correlation analysis Coexpression analysis Phenotype analysis Pathway enrichment analysis Gene ontology enrichment analysis
T- P- M Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
T- P Yes, M is derived from the literature. Yes Yes No Yes
P- M Yes, T is derived from the literature. Yes Yes Yes No
T- M Yes, P is derived from the literature. Yes Yes Yes Yes
T Yes Yes Yes No Yes
P Yes Yes Yes No No
M Yes Yes No Yes No
  1. T: Transcriptomics dataset, P: Proteomics dataset, and M: Metabolomics dataset. T, P, or M linked with hyphens stands for two or three omics dataset are provided by users.
  2. Analyses provided in 3Omics when users input different omics dataset. For example, correlation analysis, coexpression analysis, phenotype analysis, and GO enrichment analysis are provided for users input transcriptomics-proteomics datasets.