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Table 1 The number of cassava protein sequences annotated to be involved in the starch biosynthesis pathway

From: Starch biosynthesis in cassava: a genome-based pathway reconstruction and its exploitation in data integration

Template plants Sucrose and starch synthesis Calvin cycle
  No. of template sequences No. of cassava sequences annotated No. of template sequences No. of cassava sequence annotated
Arabidopsis 103 110 79 115
Maize 198 117 125 74
Rice 121 118 116 124
Castor bean 51 79 51 101
Potato 130 96 109 109
Total   141   129
  1. The starch biosynthesis pathway of cassava here is comprised of 270 cassava protein sequences annotated by their orthologues in the five template plants, Arabidopsis, maize, rice, castor bean and potato. Among the annotated sequences, 141 proteins were found to be involved in the sucrose and starch synthesis sub-pathway and the remaining 129 proteins were related to the Calvin cycle sub-pathway.