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Table 1 Nominal value for the parameters and MINLP best solution

From: Simultaneous model discrimination and parameter estimation in dynamic models of cellular systems

Parameter Nominal value MINLP solution
k 2 5.18E+07 4.74E+07
k 3 9.76E+01 1.20E+02
α 5.79E-02 5.23E-02
k tr 1.00E+03 8.66E+02
k tl 4.96E+03 4.28E+03
k t l 2 1.03E+03 1.27E+03
k t l 3 2.05E+03 1.64E+03
k z 4.99E+01 6.06E+01
k d 2 1.00E+01 1.25E+01
D N A 0 6.16E-04 7.08E-04
K a 1.82E-07 2.11E-07
K 1.00E+03 8.48E+02
k d 1.18E+00 9.55E-01
k hy 2.00E+06 1.76E+06
k transf 9.74E-01 8.07E-01
k degf 1.36E-01 1.84E-01
k hy - -
n1: 3 3
n2: 1 1
n3: 2 3
n4: 3 3
n5: 0 0
b i n1: 1 1
b i n2: 1 1
b i n3: 0 0
  1. The bounds for the real parameters were taken at 50% and 200% around the initial values and for the integers they are based on the typical values of Hill coefficients, from 0 to 3. The value of parameter k hy is not reported because it is inactive when b i n3 = 0.