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Table 1 Variables and parameters

From: Transdifferentiation of pancreatic cells by loss of contact-mediated signaling

  Symbol Description Value  
    Embryo Adult
Variables A Expression of transcription factor Hnf6 1 0
  X Expression of transcription factor Ngn3 0 0
  Y Expression of transcription factor Ptf1a 0 1
  Z Expression of transcription factor Isl1 0 0
  X ̄ Average Ngn3 expression in neighboring cells 0 0
  Y ̄ Average Ptf1a expression in neighboring cells 0 1
Parameters a Strength of lateral inhibition XX 1000  
  b Strength of lateral stabilization YY 2000  
  c Strength of inhibition XY and ZY 500  
  q Strength of induction AX and AY 10−4  
  r Strength of inhibition YA and ZA 100  
  s Strength of autoactivation ZZ 50  
  n Hill coefficient, nonlinearity of reactions 3  
  η x Noise amplitude on X 10−3  
  η y Noise amplitude on Y 10−3  
  1. Parameters and initial conditions of the mathematical model (equation 1-4). Parameter values are chosen identical for embryonic and adult conditions, configured with different initial conditions.