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Table 4 Gene enrichment analysis (HER2+ vs. HER2-)

From: New network topology approaches reveal differential correlation patterns in breast cancer

Category Catalog DCloc DCglob
   N p N p
Translational elongation GOTERM_BP_FAT 57 1.5E-32 14 3.1E-01
Ribonucleoprotein SP_PIR_KEYWORDS 83 7.1E-31 46 1.2E-09
Ribosome KEGG_PATHWAY 55 4.0E-30 14 1.8E-01
Acetylation SP_PIR_KEYWORDS 303 8.5E-20 276 2.3E-28
Mitotic cell cycle GOTERM_BP_FAT 77 6.8E-13 65 7.8E-12
Regulation of ubiquitin-protein GOTERM_BP_FAT 27 3.3E-09 17 6.5E-04
ligase activity during      
mitotic cell cycle      
Immune response GOTERM_BP_FAT 98 1.0E-08   n.s
Oxidative phosphorylation KEGG_PATHWAY 28 1.7E-04 30 4.5E-08
Mitochondrion GOTERM_CC_FAT 93 4.0E-01 106 6.6E-07
Proteasomal ubiquitin-depend- GOTERM_BP_FAT 27 2.7E-06 20 8.4E-04
ent protein catabolic process      
Mitochondrial membrane part GOTERM_CC_FAT 26 1.3E-04 25 4.5E-06
MHC protein complex GOTERM_CC_FAT 13 3.5E-04 7 1.7E-01
Growth factor binding GOTERM_MF_FAT 22 8.5E-03   n.s
NADH dehydrogenase activity GOTERM_MF_FAT 10 7.6E-02 11 2.4E-03
ATP synthesis coupled GOTERM_BP_FAT 12 2.7E-02 12 5.9E-03
electron transport      
Anti-apoptosis GOTERM_BP_FAT 30 5.0E-02   n.s
  1. The table shows the most significantly enriched biological themes in the lists of 1027 (DCloc) and 804 (DCglob) DC genes. For each functional category, the number of genes in the category (N) and the significance of enrichment (Benjamini-Hochberg corrected p-value) are shown. Some of the findings of DCglob are not significant (n.s.).