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Table 5 Marker gene enrichment analysis

From: New network topology approaches reveal differential correlation patterns in breast cancer

Cluster Marker gene Marker gene # C # M #(CM) p
  description reference     
1 IAC Celis et al. [37] 11 32 5 3.3E-11
2 HER2+ Staaf et al. [39] 12 15 4 6.2E-10
3 AR responsive Doane et al. [40] 47 70 19 5.2E-32
5 FOXC1 subtype Ray et al. [41] 13 17 3 5.6E-07
  1. Analysis of the genes identified by DCglob that showed higher correlation in ER- compared to ER+ breast cancer. The gene clusters (C) were compared to lists of marker genes (M) from the literature. Let #C denote the number of genes in the clusters, #M the number of marker genes and #(CM) the number of genes in the intersection. The significance of enrichment was assessed using Fisher’s exact test. IAC invasive apocrine carcinomas, AR androgen receptor.