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Figure 4

From: Post-translational regulation enables robust p53 regulation

Figure 4

Stability analysis. (A) Mean and standard deviation of each parameter identified by the adaptive filter algorithm: w y : 0.8737±0.0830, w z : 0.3627±0.0825, w zy : 0.2662±0.0343, w yz : 0.1656±0.1169. (B) Pole map under the DNA damage condition when the feedback is weakened. The poles are close to the real axis and the corresponding damping ratios range mostly from 0.8 to 1.0. (C) Poles are located higher with bigger imaginary components and lower damping ratios (0.4 – 0.8) when w yz is increased. (D) Poles are closer to the real axis with bigger damping ratios compared to (C) when w z is decreased proportionally. T in the figure denotes the sampling period (0.11 hr). The numbers next to the arrow indicate the corresponding damping ratios.

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