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Figure 6

From: Post-translational regulation enables robust p53 regulation

Figure 6

Disturbance rejection simulation of a mechanistic model. (A) Simulation of a step function disturbance to p53 production. The equations illustrate how the steady-state error and %OS are calculated. (B) Steady-state error and %OS (top panel) and the trade-off curve (bottom panel) when γ increases. (C) Plots of %OS and steady-state error vs. γ with varying Mdm2 levels. (D) Plots of %OS vs. γ with varying time delay. (E) Time delay can cause sustained oscillation (β 1 =1, β 2 =1, β 3 =1, β 4 =1, α 1 =1, α 2 =0.01, α 3 =1, α 4 =0.01, n =2, K 1 =10, K 2 =100, γ=10-2- 102).

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