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Table 4 Predicted R. sphaeroides ABC transporter operons tested for substrate specificity using Biolog PM

From: Global insights into energetic and metabolic networks in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Operons Identified substratea
RSP_0200-1, RSP_6101 Ribitol
RSP_0342-5 Methyl D-lactate
RSP_0346-9 Asparagine
RSP_1442-5 D-serine
RSP_2208-11 Uridine
RSP_0644-6 ND
RSP_2596-8 ND
RSP_2809-11 ND
RSP_3166-8 ND
RSP_3500-3 ND
RSP_3557-60 ND
  1. aND - Not Determined. Specific substrates for these transporters could not be determined from PM assay and the analysis of mutants lacking single genes in each of these predicted operons (see text).