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Figure 1

From: JunD/AP1 regulatory network analysis during macrophage activation in a rat model of crescentic glomerulonephritis

Figure 1

Comparison of ChIP-Seq experiments under different conditions. a) Clustering of ChIP-Seq data based upon correlation coefficient calculated for the number of reads under the predicted peaks. JunD ChIP-Seq profiles are able to distinguish the WKY from WKY.LCrgn2. b) Illustration of the relationship between the number of transcripts containing at least one ChIP-Seq peak and its distance from the TSS (in Kb). Peaks were linked to a gene if they were located within ± 20Kb of the transcription start site (TSS). The lines coloured in cyan, blue, light green and green represent ChIP-Seq profiles for WKY basal, WKY LPS, WKY.LCrgn2 basal and WKY.LCrgn2 LPS respectively. The number of transcripts increases in WKY after LPS stimulation while in the case of WKY.LCrgn2 it decreases. This suggests an impaired role of JunD/AP-1 complex during LPS stimulated macrophage activation. c) Venn diagram showing the overlaps between different conditions. The numbers represent the transcripts associated with peaks.

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