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Figure 5

From: JunD/AP1 regulatory network analysis during macrophage activation in a rat model of crescentic glomerulonephritis

Figure 5

JunD/AP1 regulatory network in BMDM macrophages. (a) Integrative analysis identified 36 TFs interacting with AP1 complex (JunD/JUN or JunD/ATF), which regulated expression of 1,274 target genes in LPS-stimulated BMDM macrophages in WKY strain. TF and TF-target genes are represented as nodes (circles) where JunD dimers are highlighted in red, the interacting TF are shown in blue and the TF-target genes in grey. Dark grey colour indicate TF-target genes that are significantly up-regulated upon LPS stimulation at 4 hr. (b) Number of differentially expressed genes during LPS-stimulation time course (top); enrichment of up-regulated target genes for JunD/ATF as compared with JunD/Jun TF complex (middle); GO annotation of JunD dimer target genes up-regulated at 4 hr LPS in BMDM (bottom).

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