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Table 1 Predicting known JunD interacting proteins using gene expression data

From: JunD/AP1 regulatory network analysis during macrophage activation in a rat model of crescentic glomerulonephritis

Gene names Pubmed ID Matrix ID WKY LPS ChIP-seq peaks interaction P-value WKY.LCrgn2 ChIP-seq peaks interaction P-value
EP300 16264271 P300_01 2.34e −23 No binding sites observed underneath the peaks
YY1 17510411 YY1_01 0.08 1
YY1_02 0.002 0.84
DDIT3 10523647 Chop 3.16e −13 0.32
SMAD3 10220381 Smad3 7.9e −12 0.73