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Table 2 Genomic context of the Rubrobacter xylanophilus pseudo-ATCase

From: Identifying reaction modules in metabolic pathways: bioinformatic deduction and experimental validation of a new putative route in purine catabolism

Gene id Uniprot AC Uniprot annotation Proposed annotation
Rxyl_2840 Q1AS76 uracil/xanthine permease uracil/xanthine permease
Rxyl_2841 Q1AS75 uncharacterized protein OHCU decarboxylase
Rxyl_2842 Q1AS74 CMP/dCMP deaminase, CMP/dCMP deaminase
Rxyl_2843 Q1AS73 uricase uricase
Rxyl_2844 Q1AS72 5-hydroxyisourate hydrolase 5HIU hydrolase
Rxyl_2845 Q1AS71 allantoinase allantoinase
Rxyl_2846 Q1AS70 uncharacterized protein Unknown
Rxyl_2847 Q1AS69 ATCase see text
Rxyl_2848 Q1AS68 carbamate kinase carbamate kinase
Rxyl_2849 Q1AS67 asparaginase see text
Rxyl_2850 Q1AS66 transcriptional regulator transcriptional regulator
  1. UniprotKB data are as published in UniProt release 2013_05 (May 1, 2013). The annotations proposed for genes Rxyl_2847 and Rxyl_2849 are detailed in the text (see text in bold).