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Figure 3

From: Characterization of aberrant pathways across human cancers

Figure 3

Comparison of Kaplan-Meier survival estimators for clinically significant subgroups of patients. Kaplan-Meier survival estimators for subgroups that have a significant survival difference compared to the rest of the cohort a) patients with tumours in GBM cluster 12 (green) have a significantly increased survival estimate compared to other GBM samples (blue) (p = 0.047) b) patients in GBM cluster 6 (red) have a significantly worse survival estimate compared to others (blue) (p = 0.047) c) BRCA cluster 14 (red) contains patients with worse survival (p = 0.012) d) COAD cluster 6 (red) contains patients with worse survival (p = 0.026) e) OV cluster 12 (red) contains patients with worse survival (p = 0.029)

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