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Figure 5

From: Characterization of aberrant pathways across human cancers

Figure 5

Pathway and gene expression level comparison of subgroups across all cancers. Polar dendrogram in the centre shows how subgroups of different cancers hierarchically cluster together. GBM subgroups (olive branch) all cluster together, but there are also mixed clusters, such as the lime, green, red and blue branches, containing subgroups of few different cancers. Some of the key differences between subgroups in mixed branches are highlighted for these four branches. For example, TNFa/NFkB signalling is enriched in the green branch (upper right corner) subgroups COAD1 and BRCA11 in contrast to other BRCA and COAD tumours. Few of the most differentially expressed genes in this pathway between these subgroups and other tumours of the same type were GNA11, GNAI1, and AKAP12 shown in upper right corner.

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