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Table 5 Functions provided in ppiPre

From: ppiPre: predicting protein-protein interactions by combining heterogeneous features

Name Description
AASim Computes the Adamic-Adar similarity
ComputeAllEvidences Computes biological and topological similarities
FNPre Predict false negative interactions using topological similarities
GOKEGGSims Computes KEGG-based similarity and GO-based similarities
IntelliGOGeneSim Computes IntelliGO semantic similarity
JaccardSim Computes the Jaccard similarity
KEGGSim Computes KEGG-based similarity
RASim Computes the Resource Allocation similarity
SVMPredict Trains the SVM classifier, and then predict false interactions
TCSSGeneSim Computes TCSS semantic similarity
TopologicSims Computes all the three topological similarities
WangGeneSim Computes Wang's semantic similarity