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Table 2 Information regarding the comparison with motifs of other organisms. For each novel plant motif, the TF of the motif it matched to with an E-val from the STAMP website application [24], the organism the TF was found in and a reference is shown

From: Identification of novel motif patterns to decipher the promoter architecture of co-expressed genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Novel plant motifs Comment Organism Ref.
Flw_1 ladybird early homeodomain TF (lbe)
(E-val: 2.40e-06)
D. melanogaster [36]
Flw_2 regulatory protein CAT8
(E-val: 5.95e-05)
S. cerevisiae [37]
Flw_3 probable transcription repressor RGM1
(E-val: 3.54e-05)
S. cerevisiae [38]
Flw_5 TF c-Rel
(E-val: 3.36e-07)
H. sapiens [39]
Sd_2 operator OpA
(E-val: 5.39e-06)
S. cerevisiae [40]
Rt_2 early growth response protein 1 (Egr1)
(E-val: 9.86e-05)
R. norvegicus [41]
Rt_4 suppressor of hairless homolog (Su_H)
(E-val: 2.31e-05)
C. intestinalis [42]
Sht_2 transcription corepressor MIG3
(E-val: 3.01e-06)
S. cerevisiae [43]