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Table 1 Highly-linked drug groups

From: Interaction network among functional drug groups

ATC Summary Number of links
N06AA Non-selective monoamine reuptake inhibitors 32
N03AB Hydantoin derivatives 28
J01MA Fluoroquinolones 27
N05CA Barbiturates, plain 24
B01AA Vitamin K antagonists 24
N06DA Anticholinesterases 21
N03AA Barbiturates and derivatives 19
J05AE Protease inhibitors 17
N07AA Anticholinesterases 15
N06AF Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, non-selective 15
C07AA Beta blocking agents, non-selective 15
C07AB Beta blocking agents, selective 14
J01AA Tetracyclines 13
J02AC Triazole derivatives 12
S01AX Other antiinfectives 10
N01AF Barbiturates, plain 10
D06AA Tetracycline and derivatives 9
N02CA Ergot alkaloids 9
N06AB Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors 8