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Table 2 Description of the selected gene features between short-term and long-term survival group in GBM

From: Intra-relation reconstruction from inter-relation: miRNA to gene expression

Gene Region Function Up/down AUC_diff
RAGE 14q32.31 Renal tumor antigen/threonine kinase activity/transferase activity Up 0.028
ATAD3A 1p36.33 ATP binding/nucleotide binding Down 0.024
HEMK1 3p21.31 DNA binding/N-methyltransferase activity Up 0.012
KMO 1q43 Integral to membrane/kynurenine 3-monooxygenase activity Up 0.012
RBKS 2p23.2 D-ribose metabolic process/ribokinase activity Up 0.012
CCNJL 5q33.3 Nucleus/regulation of progression through cell cycle Down 0.008
LGALS8 1q43 Extracellular space/sugar binding Up 0.008
UPP1 7p12.3 Cytoplasm/nucleoside metabolic process/nucleotide catabolic process Up 0.008
BDH1 3q29 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase activity/metabolic process/mitochondrial inner membrane/mitochondrial matrix Up 0.004
HFE 6p22.1 Antigen processing and presentation/ immune response/ protein complex assembly Up 0.004
TUSC2 3p21.31 Cell cycle/cell proliferation/cell-cell signalling/negative regulation of progression through cell cycle Up 0.000
  1. The gene lists in the first column were sorted by the AUC_diff, which calculated the difference between the original AUC with 11 gene features and the AUC without one gene among 11 gene features.