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Table 4 Five example homologous E. coli and Brucella genes and their associated genes

From: A genome-wide MeSH-based literature mining system predicts implicit gene-to-gene relationships and networks

Gene Name Associated E coli genes Associated Brucella genes
dnaK abgT*, alaS, argP, clpB, clpP, cspA, dnaJ, ftsH, grpE, groS, pflA, rcsAm uspA, ybcY, ydfE, ... (total: 21) clpP, dnaJ, groEL, groES, omp25, sodC, virB10, virB11, sucB, chvL, rplL, rRNA
fliF carB, cspA, cysH, fliC, fliE, ligT, lysR, phoQ, ompA, phoB, rpoD, rpoN, tonB, yfbY, zapA, ... ( total: 176) flgE, fliC, rpoD, rpoN
Hfq bacA, csrB, deaD, deoD, dsrA, gadY, gcvB, katE, micA, oxyS, recA, rprA, rprA, rpoS, sgrS, sodC, stpA, ... (total: 118) bacA, chvG, chvI, katA, sodC, virB1, virB2, virB5
purE argD, aroE, cpdB, lysA, metE, metF, ompA, purK, pyrC, rpsE, relA, rpoB, serB, ... (total: 519) chvl, omp25, omp28, sodC, virB1, virB2, wboA, znuA
rpoB betA, dnaK, era, fliF, folD, fur, gyrA, gyrB, map, minD, polA, purE, recA, rho, secD, ... (total: 335) groEL, gyrA, gyrB, katA, omp2b, parC, recA, rRNA
  1. *Note: To be included as an associated gene with one of the five selective target genes, the gene needs to share at least one co-publication with the target gene, or the two gene pair has a p-value < 0.05 based on the GenoMesh dissimilarity calculation.