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Table 1 Parameters of protein complex detection methods used in the paper

From: Identifying protein complexes based on density and modularity in protein-protein interaction network

Algorithms Parameter settings
LF-PIN α = 0.2, ρ = 0.2
CMC AdjstCD = 1, overlap_thres = 0.5, merge_thres = 0.15
CPM k = 3
DPClus CP in = 0.5, D in = 0.9 in S.cerevisiae and 0.6 in E.coli
HC-PIN λ = 0.5, size = 2
MCL inflation = 2.0
NFC α = 1
  1. The table shows the values of the parameters in each of eight protein complex detection methods we used in the paper. They are selected from those recommended by the authors. Core-Attachment algorithm has no parameter, so the row of 'Core-Attachment' is empty. The value of parameter D in of DPClus is different in S.cerevisiae and E.coli. The values of the parameters of other algorithms are same in S.cerevisiae and E.coli.