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Figure 1

From: Two accurate sequence, structure, and phylogenetic template-based RNA alignment systems

Figure 1

For CRWAlign-1 - An example of the generation of alignment statistics. a) A template alignment containing 10 sequences are used to determine conserved columns (bacillales - red, additional bacilli - blue, additional bacteria sequences - brown). The highly conserved columns are identified with a number from 1-5 immediately below the sequence alignment. Each block number is circled at the bottom of 1a. This alignment has six blocks. The first five each contain five highly conserved columns that are identified with numbers; the sixth block has three conserved columns. The yellow highlight in block 2, column 3 is described in the Methods section for definition 2; b) Calculation of the average score SC(b) [Def. 3] for block 5 in the bacilli node (see Methods section for details).

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