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Table 1 The features used in HairpinSVM

From: A novel two-layer SVM model in miRNA Drosha processing site detection

ID Name Description
1 Length The length of the sequence
2 Loop_length The loop size of hairpin structure
3 Stem_length The stem length of hairpin structure
4 Pair The number of base pairs in folding result
5 Pair_frac The fraction of paired base in sequence
7 Insert_count The number of bulges in the folding structure output by RNAfold
6 Insert_frac The average length of bulges in sequence
8 Insert_count_frac The ratio between the nucleotides in bulges and those in the sequence
9 Mfe The minimal free energy output by RNAfold
10 Ensemble_fe The free energy of the thermodynamic ensemble
11 Ensemble_fq The probability of this single structure in the Boltzmann weighted ensemble of all structures.
12 Ensemble_div The ensemble diversity is the average base-pair distance between all structures in the thermodynamic ensemble.