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Figure 5

From: Co-expression network analysis identifies Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (SYK) as a candidate oncogenic driver in a subset of small-cell lung cancer

Figure 5

SSHN is preserved in SCLC cell lines. (A) Unsupervised clustering heatmap based on SSHN genes (rows) of lung cancer cell lines (columns) in GSE4824 dataset [36]. Red and green colors in rows of the heatmap indicate high and low expression respectively. This analysis shows SSHN conservation across SCLC cell lines. (B) Representative western blot of SYK and FYN in various lung cancer cell lines. FYN and SYK are selectively overexpressed in SCLC cell lines. Within the SCLC cell lines, the red and green bars indicate FYN/SYK-positive and -negative SCLC cell lines, respectively. Arrows point to bands corresponding to the expected molecular weight for SYK and FYN. The dotted arrow indicate the position of a shorter form of SYK protein (SYKB or S) that lacks 23 amino acids [37].

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