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Table 4 Topics found by GeneTopics for Human islet gene expression data

From: GeneTopics - interpretation of gene sets via literature-driven topic models

Topic Topic words pvalue
Topic 19 endothelial, cell, vascular, expressions, activation, cytokine, receptor, il6, inhibitor, vegf, il1, growth, factor, inflammatory, matrix, angiogenesis, metalloproteinases, macrophage, inhibit, lung 9.32E-12
Topic 5 polymorphisms, associated, genes, allele, genotypes, variants, risk, p, genetic, diabetes, snps, patient, haplotype, population, subjected, frequency, variation, susceptibility, 95, snp 4.18E-08
Topic 8 rat, effects, increases, receptor, renal, after, groups, h, antagonists, day, 1, p, heart, mice, cardiac, mrna, kidney, injection, treatment, activation 4.96E-08
Topic 18 patient, p, groups, serum, levels, plasma, clinical, concentration, measured, correlation, disease, treatment, aged, n, sample, healthy, years, women, blood, vs 2.24E-07
Topic 9 insulin, glucose, pancreatic, diabetes, islet, liver, secretion, mice, acid, metabolism, obesity, fatty, betacells, ghrelin, rat, hepatitis, increases, lpa, lipid, fat 7.89E-06
Topic 6 cancer, tumor, expressions, cell, carcinoma, breast, genes, gastric, prostate, invasion, tissues, line, mrna, patient, lung, tumour, colorectal, malignant, normal, human 0.000149
Topic 20 expressions, growth, mrna, cell, collagen, activin, cartilage, matrix, factor, cultured, tissues, day, skin, igf, keratinocytes, tgfbeta, human, chondrocyte, differentially, fibroblasts 0.000153
Topic 14 binding, structure, domain, residues, enzymes, activation, site, complex, peptide, acid, substrate, protein, affinity, sequences, crystallization, form, amino, interaction, purified, nterminal 0.000228
Topic 1 added, oxidase, pedf, alzheimers, tau, apod, 5ht, nox4, polyamines, tph2, disease, ros, apolipoprotein, 5ht1b, brain, apo, d, nadph, serotonin, app 0.003461
Topic 3 developed, expressions, cell, mice, axon, embryonic, genes, differentially, embryos, signaling, neural, mutants, regulated, transcription, mouse, migrating, neurons, pattern, prox1, factor 0.00916
Topic 16 cell, t, immune, infection, receptor, expressions, mice, nk, antibody, antigen, virus, b, lymphocytes, cd8, cytokine, response, tcells, cd4, macrophage, human 0.042753