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Table 5 Topics found by GeneTopics for mouse cardiac tissue gene expression data.

From: GeneTopics - interpretation of gene sets via literature-driven topic models

Topic topic words Common Theme(s)
Topic 8 cancer, tumor, expressed, breast, carcinomas, prostate, cells, invasion, gastric, tissues, patients, tumour, metastasis, lung, p, malignant, normal, colorectal, lines, correlating Carcinogenesis
Topic 4 rat, after, increase, p, effect, heart, groups, days, cardiac, h, receptor, mice, mrna, injury, injection, levels, 1, induced, treatment, lung Treatment induced cardiac injury
Topic 9 insulin, muscle, glucose, diabetes, skeletal, metabolism, mice, adipocytes, obese, adipose, acid, increase, fatty, expressed, lipid, islets, fat, mitochondrial, glycogen, rat Muscle glucose/lipid metabolism
Topic 17 kinases, activation, phosphorylation, signaling, receptor, pathway, tyrosine, inhibition, cells, regulated, induced, transcript, nfkappab, protein, factor, inhibitor, promotes, bind, growth, stimulated Kinase/phosphorylation signaling
Topic 14 polymorphisms, associated, genotyping, allele, risk, genes, variants, p, genetic, patients, populations, snps, disease, 95, haplotypes, susceptibility, frequency, ci, schizophrenia, subjects Genetic effects
Topic 7 oxidation, activation, liver, enzyme, glutathione, metabolism, cytochromes, copper, oxidase, antioxidant, microsomal, rat, ho1, p450, stress, oxygenation, heme, species, cysteine, ros Oxidative stress
Topic 12 matrix, cells, collagen, bone, expressed, tgfbeta, cartilage, extracellular, growth, tissues, metalloproteinases, vascular, chondrocytes, fibroblasts, tgfbeta1, cultures, endothelial, mmp2, fibronectin, osteoblasts Tissue remodelling
Topic 5 structural, bind, residue, domain, enzyme, peptide, activation, substrates, site, complex, form, interacts, purified, protein, affinity, crystal, acid, kda, amino, catalytic Amino acid, peptide and protein metabolism
Topic topic words Common Theme(s)
Topic 7 liver, increased, mice, rat, oxide, levels, insulin, metabolism, p, day, glucose, mrna, plasma, after, acid, mitochondrial, effects, transported, hepatitis, diet Glucose/energy metabolism
Topic 13 cells, apoptosis, activity, kinase, phosphorylation, inhibition, cyclin, expression, growth, induced, signal, regulation, inhibitors, pathway, proliferation, p53, proteins, death, increased, genes Cell cycle/growth and proliferation
Topic 3 transcripts, binding, genes, factors, proteins, splicing, promoter, rna, interaction, regulation, nuclear, element, repress, domain, translation, activity, complex, mrna, site, histones Gene and protein regulation processes
Topic 12 muscle, expression, endothelial, cardiac, collagene, cells, heart, vascular, mice, matrix, skeletal, tissues, bone, smooth, vessels, vegf, rat, hypertrophied, decorin, increased Muscular (skeletal or cardiac) and blood vessel changes
Topic 6 genes, sequence, expression, encoding, cloning, cdna, chromosome, human, region, proteins, transcripts, genomic, mouse, amino, homolog, acid, strains, conserved, exons, plants Very generic gene, sequence, expression...
Topic 4 proteins, domain, membrane, interaction, binding, complex, actin, cells, golgi, signal, regulation, ubiquitin, transported, localization, mitochondrial, vesicle, function, gtpase, required, trafficking Cytoskeleton and cellular organelles
  1. The topic words are used to associate gene subsets to common themes.
  2. (a) Isoprenaline Topics
  3. (b) Swim Topics