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Figure 6

From: Extinction, coexistence, and localized patterns of a bacterial population with contact-dependent inhibition

Figure 6

Localized patterns in two dimensional space. (A) Counts of stable localized patterns for two sets of initial conditions (see Additional file 1: Figure S9). The green and orange curves (triangles) correspond to the counts for the initial conditions when u is surrounded by v and v is surrounded by u respectively. The overlap region (blue) suggests a parameter regime where species coexistence is stable for both sets of initial conditions. (B-D) Localized patterns in two dimensional space with a growth advantage of 3.5, a diffusion constant (D) of 10-3, and an inhibition of 1.0, 1.05, and 1.1 respectively. Each pattern was chosen to represent the average space occupied by CDI- for 100 runs with random initial conditions. The average percentage of space occupied by CDI- for the three inhibition values is 95%, 84%, and 78% respectively.

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