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Table 3 Types of CONGA results

From: Comparisons of Shewanella strains based on genome annotations, modeling, and experiments

Types Definition Examples from this study
Biomass Two models being compared have different biomass reactions which cause differences in gene essentiality Deletion of genes associated with reactions that produce putrescine or spermidine is lethal in all models except the Core because these compounds are not in the Core biomass reaction
Metabolic One organism possesses an alternative pathway for an essential reaction Deletion of genes associated with prephenate dehydrogenase is lethal only in the Core because it does not have an alternative pathway of producing L-tyrosine that the other models have
Genetic Difference in the GPR associations between models for essential reactions Deletion of AsnB (SO2767) is lethal in all models except for i MR1_799 because MR-1 has another isozyme for asparagine synthase, WbpQ (SO3175)