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Figure 2

From: EndoNet: an information resource about the intercellular signaling network

Figure 2

Detail page for hormone entries. Shown is the detail page for the hormone melatonin. The detail pages for the other entity types of EndoNet follow the same structure, which starts with general information about the component followed by external link and links to related components of EndoNet (A). The related components are not restricted to the direct neighbors but include the information the user might be interested in. In case of a hormone this also includes the target receptor, the target cell and the tissue specific phenotype or influence on the next secretion event (table marked with B). Next to each EndoNet component a button allows to open a toolbox (marked with C in the Figure). This toolbox provides options to add a component to a user defined network or to select it for the path analysis without the need to go to the corresponding component’s detail page.

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