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Figure 3

From: EndoNet: an information resource about the intercellular signaling network

Figure 3

Network analysis page. On the screenshot the steps are marked that are needed to perform a path analysis between two nodes of the virtual network. First the entity type and the entity for the start and end node has to be selected (A). Optionally a number of extra steps may be selected to get not only the shortest path but also those pathways which are longer than the shortest path by the specified number of steps. One step is interpreted as one round in the abstract network, e.g. from hormone to the next hormone. The result of the pathway search is a list of pathways between the two selected nodes (B). In the list of pathway steps some entity types of the abstract network are omitted for better readability. The information of these steps is aggregated with the neighboring steps. The graph below of the pathways summarizes all listed pathways to show potential common steps of the pathways (C). Beside the paths between two distinct nodes it is also possible to show all nodes of a given type downstream of a node (D).

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