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Table 5 The update rules for the reduced T-LGL network model

From: Stabilization of perturbed Boolean network attractors through compensatory interactions

f S1P = not (Ceramide or Apoptosis)
f FLIP = not (DISC or Apoptosis)
f FAS = Not (S1P or Apoptosis)
f Ceramide = FAS and not (S1P or Apoptosis)
f DISC = ((Ceramide or (FAS and not FLIP)) or S1P) and not Apoptosis
f Apoptosis = DISC or Apoptosis
  1. The T-LGL model is shown in Figure 6. Bold, italicized text represents a possible rule modification that eliminates the network's T-LGL (cancerous) steady state. Node abbreviations are given in the caption to Figure 6.