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Table 3 Description of the output metrics used to describe the force-pCa relationship

From: Insight into model mechanisms through automatic parameter fitting: a new methodological framework for model development

Metric Description Land-model default output*
Slope Slope of the fitted line -7.33
Intercept Intercept of the fitted line 45.9
RMSEP Root Mean Square Error of prediction from fitting to a straight line (representing the deviation from a straight line) 0.18
R 2 force Correlation coefficient between the fitted line and the simulated force-pCa data (representing the deviation from a straight line) 0.99
Max Maximum tension 119.4
RMSDforce RMSD between the simulated force for the Niederer-model and the target Land-model force (in standardised variables) 0
  1. These metrics were calculated from simulations using fixed Ca-concentrations.
  2. *From a simulation at resting sarcomere length.