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Table 7 Comparison of rank changes (RCs) for SPT3 in network training phase

From: Improvement of experimental testing and network training conditions with genome-wide microarrays for more accurate predictions of drug gene targets

  + Δspt3 + Δerg11/ERG11
Expt analyzed Rank change (RC) Percentile Rank change (RC)
FLGI10, 1DT −15 n/a −23
FLGI10, 4DT −226 n/a 95
FLGI20, 4DT 55 63 −17
FLGI30, 4DT −12 n/a 4
FLGI40, 4DT 445 98 −18
  1. RCs were reported for SPT3 across 5 FL treatment experiments, under 3 different training compendiums: + Δspt3 and + Δerg11/ERG11. Percentile of RC was computed as the percentage of genes with a RC as high or higher than the target gene. RC percentiles ≥95 indicated significant perturbation as identified by SSEM-Lasso.