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Table 2 Unused reactions in the E.coli TRN (Type II - Contradictory regulatory rules)

From: Comparison on extreme pathways reveals nature of different biological processes

Reactions Regulatory rules Reaction type
b1814 ( gly(e)>0) AND (leu-L(e)>0)
(NOT o2(e)>0) AND (leu-L(e)>0)
(gly(e)>0) AND (NOT leu-L(e)>0) AND (leu-L(e)>0)
(leu-L(e)>0) AND (NOT leu-L(e)>0)
(NOT o2(e)>0) AND (NOT leu-L(e)>0) AND (leu-L(e)>0)
b3942_1 (Growth>0) AND (h202(e)>0) AND (NOT Growth>0) Internal
b4111_1 (NOT(Crp)) AND (Growth>0) AND (NOT Growth>0) internal
Ex_b3942 -- Exchange
Ex_b4111 -- Exchange
  1. Crp appears in the second column is a transcription factor and others are extracellular metabolites. The contradictory regulatory rules are labeled with shade in the table and these reactions never occur.