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Table 1 SNPs selected for DNA methylation and genotype measured by the Nsp microarray.

From: Genes associated with genotype-specific DNA methylation in squamous cell carcinoma as candidate drug targets

Rank SNPs  
50 SNP_A-1825620 SNP_A-2213037 SNP_A-2145008 SNP_A-2309865
100 SNP_A-2172952 SNP_A-2234716 SNP_A-1984943 SNP_A-2121000
150 SNP_A-2040111 SNP_A-4195285 SNP_A-4199352 SNP_A-2089983
  SNP_A-1944699 SNP_A-1988914 SNP_A-1834529 SNP_A-1950742
  SNP_A-2105346 SNP_A-4235277   
200 SNP_A-4229534 SNP_A-4226834 SNP_A-4196078 SNP_A-2199615
  SNP_A-1919825 SNP_A-2276203 SNP_A-1961374  
250 SNP_A-1989613 SNP_A-1845324 SNP_A-1880907 SNP_A-2142865
  SNP_A-2124767 SNP_A-1810962 SNP_A-4193660 SNP_A-1852621
  SNP_A-1961109 SNP_A-4212314 SNP_A-2042678 SNP_A-1886593
  SNP_A-1980533 SNP_A-2143521 SNP_A-2088571  
300 SNP_A-2043441 SNP_A-2287632 SNP_A-2056366 SNP_A-2185001
  SNP_A-1910539 SNP_A-4213049 SNP_A-2007288 SNP_A-4228665
  SNP_A-4236336 SNP_A-2063926 SNP_A-1911642 SNP_A-1950919
  SNP_A-2053247 SNP_A-4197286 SNP_A-4204073 SNP_A-2221049
  1. The 59 selected SNPs (probes) that exhibited significant differences between blood, and normal and tumor tissues, within the top N (= 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300) outliers for both DNA methylation and genotype. Top 300 outliers are shown in red in Fig. 3. For detailed annotations, including associated genes, of the selected SNPs, see Additional file 1 (sheet name Nsp).