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Table 2 SNPs measured by the Sty microarray using PC4 for genotype and PC3 for DNA methylation.

From: Genes associated with genotype-specific DNA methylation in squamous cell carcinoma as candidate drug targets

Rank SNPs  
50 SNP_A-2176803
SNP_A-4276813 SNP_A-2134351
100 SNP_A-4252327 SNP_A-4271493 SNP_A-4261117 SNP_A-1955805
150 SNP_A-2278684 SNP_A-2159288 SNP_A-1798268  
200 SNP_A-1975466    
250 SNP_A-2221439
SNP_A-2175811 SNP_A-4259136 SNP_A-2186260
300 SNP_A-4247667 SNP_A-4296608 SNP_A-4302067  
  1. The 22 selected SNPs (probes) that exhibited significant difference between blood, and normal and tumor tissues, within the top N (= 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300) outliers for both DNA methylation and genotype. Top 300 outliers are shown in red in Figures 6b and 6c. For detailed annotations, including associated genes, of the selected SNPs, see Additional file 1 (sheet name Sty1).