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Table 1 Scientific interest(s) of survey participants.

From: Data integration in the era of omics: current and future challenges

  ALL Workshop participant Not a participant
Progress in experimental data production methods/technology 25.60% 22.03% 28.79%
Single data-type analysis methods. 29.60% 37.29% 22.73%
Multiple data-type integrated analysis 72.80% 76.27% 69.70%
Biomarker discovery 35.20% 28.81% 40.91%
Understanding of biological mechanisms 56.80% 50.85% 62.12%
Decision support for clinical care 25.60% 16.95% 33.33%
  1. This table summarizes Question 3 results (Select the developments you are more interested in). Survey participants were allowed to select more than one answer. The percentages of selected questions are shown for all participations and after stratification by their participation in the workshop