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Table 3 List of pathways more frequently associated with the AD pathway reported by Dutta et al [20].

From: Pathway network inference from gene expression data

Pathway KEGG id Shared Genes with AD pathway Detected by PANA?
Gap junction hsa04540 10 YES
GnRH signaling hsa04912 20 YES
Huntington's disease hsa05016 99 NO
Adherens junction hsa04520 2 YES
Axon guidance hsa04360 11 YES
Dorso-ventral hsa04320 2 NO
Insulin signaling hsa04910 10 YES
Long-term depression hsa04730 11 YES
Long-term potentiation hsa04720 29 YES
Neurotrophin signaling hsa04722 12 YES
Oocyte meiosis hsa04114 18 YES
Pathways in cancer hsa05200 11 YES
Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis hsa04120 0 NO
  1. For comparison purpose, the third column shows the shared genes with the AD pathway and the fourth column indicates which associations are also detected by PANA.