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Table 1 Summary of feature selection methods analysed.

From: Network-based biomarkers enhance classical approaches to prognostic gene expression signatures

Approach Method name Feature selection Classification Feature Feature value Existing method? Ref.
Single-gene Mod-t Rank genes by p-value Single gene Expression value Yes Smyth et al. [30]
Gene-set Median expression Rank gene-sets by p-value Gene-set Median expression value of all genes in the gene-set No  
Network NetRank Rank genes using NetRank algorithm Single gene Expression value Yes Winter et al.[11]
  Taylor Rank sub-networks using Taylor's correlation-based measure Sub-network edge Expression difference between hub and interactor gene connected by the edge Yes Taylor et al. [8]
  BSS/WSS Rank sub-networks using the BSS/WSS correlation-based measure Single (hub) gene Expression value of the gene No  
  1. Description of the methods assessed in terms of the way in which external information is incorporated, the feature selection procedure, the features used for classification, and a reference if the method is obtained from a previous publication.