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Table 3 The benchmark set of 27 known cooperative TF pairs.

From: Identifying cooperative transcription factors in yeast using multiple data sources

TF pairs MIPS complex ID MIPS complex name
ARG80-MCM1 510.190.120 ARG complex
MET4-MET28 510.190.160.10
Cbf1/Met4/Met28 complex
Met4/Met28/Met31 complex
Met4/Met28/Met32 complex
STP4-STP1 440.30.30 tRNA splicing
IME1-UME6 510.190.200 Ume6/Ime1 complex
HAP5-HAP4 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
STP2-STP1 440.30.30 tRNA splicing
HAP2-HAP3 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
ARG80-ARG81 510.190.120 ARG complex
MET4-MET31 510.190.160.20 Met4/Met28/Met31 complex
CBF1-MET28 510.190.160.10 Cbf1/Met4/Met28 complex
MCM1-ARG81 510.190.120 ARG complex
HAP5-HAP2 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
HAP4-HAP2 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
PIP2-OAF1 510.190.100 OAF complex
MET4-CBF1 510.190.160.10 Cbf1/Met4/Met28 complex
GCR1-GCR2 510.190.90 GCR complex
RTG1-RTG3 510.190.130 RTG complex
SWI6-MBP1 510.190.70 MBF complex
HAP5-HAP3 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
HAP4-HAP3 510.160 CCAAT-binding factor complex
GAL3-GAL80 510.190.80 GAL80 complex
MET4-MET32 510.190.160.30 Met4/Met28/Met32 complex
STP4-STP2 440.30.30 tRNA splicing
SWI4-SWI6 510.190.60 SBF complex
GAL80-GAL4 510.190.80 GAL80 complex
MET32-MET28 510.190.160.30 Met4/Met28/Met32 complex
MET28-MET31 510.190.160.20 Met4/Met28/Met31 complex
  1. The list of 27 known cooperative TF pairs are derived from biochemically well-defined transcriptional complexes within the MIPS complex catalogue.